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Lecture 3

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Matthias Koenig

Lecture #3 – Research Basics SOC256H1F – Transition Rite Essay Respondent – experience same transition rite in 2 different societies – Consent Form* Goal of your Interview - To get detailed descriptions of the same transition rite as a participant has experienced it in two different kinds of society (2 actual transition rites) - To ANALYZE this material, not just describe it o no mass detail o using material from this course- how you apply to concrete examples will make a good paper - Do not want generalities, we want specifics about the transition rite the person attended- report of real concrete example* - Analyze* o Especially compare your cases in terms of Lenski et al’s theory – (ex. Primary mode of technology)  What does the theory predict about how differences in technology and related differences between the societies, should affect the transition rites? o Ex. What would Lenski et al predict about contrast you are making? Do we find what they predict?  Compare modern society to an older respondent’s experience  Consequences of more developed technology affecting transition rites over time (Transportation?) o DO the two versions of the transition rite differ in the ways that Lenski et al’s theory predicts?  How 2 contemporary countries differ in terms of average marriage/wedding o Lenski – not about transition rites but rather how life course shapes society  Sometimes the answer is “yes!” and you consider how and why this happens, enriching the understanding of the theory  Sometimes things do not turn out just as the theory predicts. Then you ask why, which can lead to modifying and enriching the theory…  Is there something we need to add to Lenski a
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