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Monica Boyd

Soc 383 Lecture 4 Women as refugee claimants Review: women in flight 1) resettlement of UN refugees suitability criteria or special programs  Not everybody gets to go even if u fit criteria, counties not willing to bankrupt states bc sometime they have to finance theses ppl permanently. There are some program 'women at risk'  Special program -Women at risk ,by. UNHCR defn "those who have e protection problems and r single heads of families ...."  Young women vulnerable to rape In the camp, very easy to spot and target to young women -)become prostitute  Parents, elders can be important source of protection  Womens are most unlikely to get migrated aboard bc they are ones least likely to be educated and would not fit suitability(e.g. Mother with 5kids, don't speak English or French, only worked in farm and had no idea the life is like I Canada. So there are no way for them to get into Canada by standard refugee process)  So , WAR with the programs try to get these women who are in most difficult situations into Canada  Even ones get into canada through WAR program, there is Long processing time - 18months - no protection for 18 months and expensive. Always need public housing,need psychological ,counseling ,persistent home,physical impairment, gives big financial burden onto themselves and canandian govt, hence, number of women get in cananda with WAR is small comparably 2) Refugee claimants  Once you Arrive at border and claim to be an refugee and ask for asylum, suitability criteria don't apply, only apply when you are outside of cananda because.(human rights)Canada recognize in charter of rights, human rights as foundamental policy, so suitability criteria seen as violence as human rights on Canadian land  All claims for protection made within Canadian land are received by a Canadian border service agency immigration officer at a port of entry(border, airport, port)or at a citizenship and immigration canada(cic) immigration center, all claims deemed eligible by the officers are referred to the IRB for a hearing • IRB-immigration refugee board • IRB established in 1990s, working its refugee group. Don't have to be lawyers but ppl who have political experience and worked with immigrants based groups • Personal info form and ask u all kinds of questions such as where r u from , ask for circumstances, why r u in flight Equity VS Equality Equality -the sameness Equity-the fairness  Equity- lead to particular program of development, fair.-Absence of bias and absence of favor ism. Really equity lead to equality  Education outcome for women in equity, would be a practice or a program or policy that don't let women go to school, outcome inequality of edu for women  Equality - same status , same opportunity.same r the same. E.g women and men are equal in terms of rights  You cannot have equity and equality at the same time example, due to equality, with reference to washroom,women and men get same number of spots, but women's line up is much larger and longer than men. In equity, bc women takes much longer to than men, you should hav more stalls for women washroom bc of physical variance of women and men Women as refugee claimants Who is refugee? Answer may handicap women as refugee claimants Why? 3reasons 1. do not have usual refugee profile • Imprisoned, tortured for political activity etc.- androcentric model ◦ Public vs private sphere issues ◦ Persecution in private settings may not be recognized -assault, beating,death, forced marriages,mutilation etc ◦ Man usually engage in very public form of conflict ◦ Arranged marriages- idea that dowry as a important source of family wealth give rise to much conflict - is the dowry enough? do you need to give dowry Back ....women pay dowry to new family as taking on responsibility of women, if new family think dowry is not enough, e.g. Henry 8th wasn't happy 2. Failure of state to protect less obvious  Women may be persecuted bc of their relationship to others, e.g. During the end of USSR, Bosnia had internal revolution, militray hunters raped women if women's husband are in opposite group and w/o asking them  Women may be persecuted bc they're women (state discriminates or fails to protect) e.g. Taliban, violate all womens right, prosecute women bc they are women 3. Gender roles may add to adjudication difficulties  Hesitant speaking, downcast eyes, trauma induced coldness  Culturally required women to be soft spoken and submissive, no eye contact while talking... Solutions • Gender sensitivity on hearing ◦ Female adjudicators ◦ Country Prof
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