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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto St. George
Eric Fung

Lecture 4 Test - 2 sections - one on lecture materials and one on reading materials - do not remember years or statistics - need to know general trends (ie during 1920s-1940s Chinese communities composed mainly of male) - no details - know basic pictures of groups (ie 3 similarities between Chinese and Korean immigration history or 3 differences) - compare differences and similarities of the 3 different groups Korean Canadian In Canada Before the 1960s - contact began at the end of he Choson( Yi dynasty) period - missionaries -First korean settled in Toronto in 1948 (some people suggest this..) - Mission - Sponsored students - institutional leadership in the community - sent to canada as a student abroad but related to missionary work -(1915 -1945) only 100 students came to canada (very small number) - some korean students decided to stay and settled in canada, taking advantage of the changing immigration policies (changed status to immigrants in late 1970s) - informal relationship: missionary work After the 1960s - 1963: korea opened a mission in ottawa - 1973:canadian embassy opened in seoul - increase in Korean Christian immigrants to Canada - Limited number of immigrants in the 1960s - students -> permanent resident status - work permit -> immigrants - the change of immigration law in the 1970s - not much info from the
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