SOC101Y1 Lecture Notes - Global Brain, Glocalization, Mcdonaldization

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31 Jul 2011
March 16, 2011
Certain circumstances that compel people to participate in non-conventional political
behaviour relative deprivation (subjective feelings of being deprived)… however not
reliable theory
Resource Mobilization Theory
Based on the idea that social movements can emerge only when disadvantaged people
can marshal the means necessary to challenge authority. Foremost among the resources
they need to challenge authority is the capacity to forge strong social ties among
themselves. Other important resources that allow disadvantaged people to challenge
authority including jobs, money, arms, & access to means of spreading their ideas.
2 nd
Phase of Social Movement Formation
Around 1700, social movements were small, localized, & violent a city might
riot against city officials against the rising cost of bread
1700+ large centralized states began to emerge, as they did, social movements
became national in scope became larger, national, less violent (became
Created a collective conscience people began to change their sense of who was
creating injustice (national governments, anger directed in nation-wide uprisings)
Spread of literacy more people could spread their ideas
Violence is the political weapon of the weak, if you have a lot of power you can ask
for what you want
Political parties, other organizations collective violence decreased
3 rd
Phase of Social Movement Formation
Instead of national consciousness, people are increasingly realizing that the
grievances that they have transcend national boundaries increasing sense of
global consciousness
Preservation of Brazilian rainforest, anti-nuclear movement
The need for people to act globally in order to solve national problems
Globalization affects social movements, & all areas of life
Transnational Corporations
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