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SOC101Y1 Lecture Notes - Autocracy

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Robert Brym

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March 9, 2011
Hypothesis Regarding the Democratic Uprising in the Arab world
(Rise of democratic movements)
Hypothesis 1 (weakest):
Twitter Revolutions
Hypothesis 2:
Youth Rebellions
Hypothesis 3 (strongest):
Urban working & middle class uprisings
Major Characteristics of Canadian Democracy Today
Large, persistent, wealth-based inequalities in political influence & political
Widespread political apathy
A little left of centre
(average Canadian vs. average American chart)
How do Canadas political parties vary from left to right?
Tendencies for certain classes, religions, & regions to favour certain parties that
favour the interests of those populations
Most important that determines the percentage of voting in particular classes
depends on how powerful they are (not just economic categories, organize themselves
politically by varying degrees)
A war is a violent, armed conflict between politically distinct groups who fight to
protect or increase their control of territory.
Wars may take place:
Between countries (interstate war)
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