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A good society where people can act in ways that increase the quality of life What actions? Actions that make you happy (U.S) A good quality society people are doing what they should be doing (moral/just) DOING and the OPPORTUNITY TO DO: Capability of doings theory that talks about freedom (a good society is one that makes necessary freedoms available through discussions about what political freedoms people should have (leading to democratic decision making/consensus Sen assumes consensus around political and economic freedoms, social opportunities, transparency guarantees and protective security as defining a just society Nussbaum’s List 10 Aspects of Life which good/just society should promote capabilities: (caring is central, dignity is importantdignity as a basic human right) 1. Life 2. Bodily Health 3. Senses/imagination/thought 4. Emotions 5. Practical Reason 6. Affiliation 7. Relation to other species 8. Play 9. Control Over Environment ( Control over one’s Environment - Political: Being able to participate effectively in political choices that govern one’s life, having the right of political participation, protections of free speech and association i.e liberal values - Material: being able to hold property (land and goods) having property rights on an equal basis with others, right to seek employment - In Work: Being able to work as a human, exercising practical reason, entering into meaningful relationships of mutual recognition with other workers Affiliation: able to live with others, show concern for them, social interactions in various forms, imagine the situation of another Play: Being able to laugh, play and enjoy recreational activities Other Species: Being ale to live with concern for
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