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Robert Brym

SOC101Y1 – Lecture 1 1. Download weekly lecture slides at 2. Social solidarity 3. Social condition affects the psychology of society. 4. Factors cause us to act in certain ways. 5. Outside of people’s minds, there are factors that influence peple and how they behave. 6. People who are married are involved in higer levels of social solidarity, consequrntly, sngle people lack this. 7. As you age, many social relionhip that you had a younger age wither away and you get more isolated as the people close to you eitherdie or move away. In addition to that, health issues force reclusion. 8. Jews have been persecuted by Christians from the beginning of time, and because of that, they have higher levels of social solidarity because they have unity and marry within one and another. 9. Protestants have less social solidarity than Christians because they don’t have a central church. 10. Durkheim’s Theory of Suicide 1 10.1. A group’s level of social solidarity is determined by: 10.1.1. Frequency with which its members interact 10.1.2. The degree to chich they share believes, values, and morals 10.2. Sf 10.3. Certain types of suicide are most prvelant at low levels of social solidarity. 10.4. At VERY high levels of solidarity, there are is also a high chance of suicide rates. 10.4.1. Altruism, in which they take their own lives for the sake of the group. 10.5. Three ideas deeply embedded within Durheim’s. 10.5.1. Ideas about the relationships have to be based on evidence, not speculation. 10.5.2. It is observable forces that account for people’s behaviors. 10.5.3. Human action can change society. 11. Worldview from Shakespeare’s time 11.1. God controls nature which in turn controls us. 11.2. First circle are angels 11.3. Lower level is arch-angels 11.4. Stars and planets 11.5. If something happens in the upper-levels, then the lower levels will be affected. 11.5.1. E.g. Romeo and Juliet - Star crossed level 12. Revolutions that shaped
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