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soc218 DEC 3 12/3/2012 7:11:00 AM Transnationalism Basic idea: people find out assimilation could not help to understand lot of special people. Travel back and forth, through the technologies. Maintain the contact with friends back home. Close contact. op Types of transnational relation Economic 1.Self initiated vs. active recruitment: Not like active recruitment. More about self-initiated activity. Everything is about self-initiated. 2.Alternative economic adaptation: in the past, we thought of finding better job here. Now utilize the advantage and have economy tie with someone back home. 3.Dependency: this kind of transnationalism continue because of transnational linkage. Economic transnational linkage can only occur in the larger transnational linkage. First need to maintain the transnational linkage then the transnational tie. Political Political involvement In the one hand trying to integrate into the new country at the other hand find migrants trying to participate in the political action back home. Motivate people to vote for certain parties back home. Also involve in the political process back home. It is not only about the host country but also the home country. Positive relation between the two countries. Home country Vs. host country Transnational social field Social networks without reference to geopolitical boundaries Entry point of discussion Unit of analysis. Entry point of discussion is about the transnational social field in the t
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