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University of Toronto St. George

Soc220 November 28 11/28/2012 6:09:00 AM Documentary: Private industrial nationalized Labour and management blames each other Production stops and starts, British Mondragon experiment: norther spain, difficult to reach, grown from village into one of the most important industrial center in Spain. Industria cooperative different from consumer cooperative. Sweatshop, machine shop. Good salary, worker owns a share of the capital. Capital-intensive. Very big in size. –Aspes , Fagor Many industries involved in this type of production. Insurance provides member with welfare and Medicare. Achieved in 25 years. How it become like this: Geographically isolated. And speak other language than Spanish. Agricultural based region. th Population grew in 19 century, people immigrated. 1936-civil war. Basques fought back for over a year. Hopeless struggle hozomolia rejected the view of karl marx. Saw a way to a social justice. 1941. Mondragon a village. School limited to son of capitalist. Only 12 a year. H started school and believed in education, and people able to govern themselves. 5 young mean started the factory and received sponsorship from 100+ people and backed by Hozomolia. Fagor.1959—jobs for 100 women and men. Further development require company structure. And turned to Hozomolia. Idea with Robert doy—create worker cooperative. st 1884-1 successful worker cooperative. Candle, tea and fuel and sell reasonable price to member. 1854-producive cooperative. Profit would be divided equally between capital and worker. Elise—turn aginst produce cooperative. Contemporary are consumer cooperative. Open membership, democratic control, promotion of education. –firms owned by workers. Once a year general assembly—elect the board directors. Elected for 4 years. Board appoint the general manager. GM has no right to vote. No one paid extra fees for being in the board. Discuss all aspects of coop policy. In accordance with the rochdelt----Each member in joining need to pay 2000. Remain as his share. Highest pay never got more than three times the lowest. 70% profit and member, 20% reserve 10% community Profit shares can not be withdrawn but added back to his share. 1966-1975 42-256 million bank serves the industrial cooperative. Board is the main cooperation in spreading. Ran into the problem when the doctor wanted to build cooperative hospital. But doctor does not suit with the highest 3 to 1 . Students attend class in the morning and shift in the afternoon. Students own the coop—each one makes contribution of 350 pounds. And can borrow from bank. Students represent 1/3 the board, 1/3 permanent stuff. Whether monadragon cooperative are using the resources more efficiently than convention companies. Study shows highest in Spain. Sales record impressive as well. Net profits are 2 times higher than the Spanish capitalist. Unusual degree of consensus between worker and management. Worker see manager serving the best interest. Manager sees worker serve the best interest. Never sent worker out but send them back to school. When school is over, they would go back to factory. Qualified with changing shape of capitalism. Second degree cooperative—eroski Booming and have 1/8 of the whole Mondragon population consumer m
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