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Robert Brym

SOC101Y1-WEEKONRACE/ETHNICITY jan16/2013 Samuel George Morton - physician in the states - considered to be one of the most distinguished men in medicine at the time - collect skulls and fill skulls up with marbles tot ry and measure the physical volume and space of the brain - in doing so, he compared this across races - most successful races amongst hierarchy had the biggest brains - those that ranked lowest in society had the smallest brains - he claimed that the people with the biggest brains were whites of european origins, then asians,etc.. and at the bottom of the social hierarchy were blacks - statedthatsocialinequalitieshadbiologicalroots - function of the kinds of different mental capacities that come with one’s racial background - colonization and slavery were results of this oppressive evidence - methological problems with thesis however... - 71% of Morton’s skulls that he identified as negroes were women... however only 45% of the whites were women. - Women’s bodies are smaller! - He would have to compare men with men and women with women - If we compare white and black women skulls.. the white skulls are a bit bigger, however if we compare white and black men skulls.. the black skulls are bigger IQ Jews scored below average in 1920’s • • Jews not score above average What happened? What changed? • During 20th century, most Jews worked hard.. made their way up the hierarchal stage Average IQ scores went up.. not because of genetics but because of change in socioeconomic status • • US in 1990’s... African americans below whites on IQ tests • iQ scores are not rooted in biology • 300 blacks and latino students (students that would drop out) - readjusted the school system = teaching resources - now most students take honors classes by the time they are seniors- 80% go to college - achievement and education had a lot to do with the resources = nothing to do with race Athleticism • some people say african americans are better than whites at sports • 60% of NBA runners and 65% of NFL players are black • North and East Africans regularly win the distance running olympic medals.. • SPRINTING MEDALS.. almost all african americans (under 10s) If we look historically... other factors.. • no gene linked to athletic superiority • MORESO.. athletes of african descent perform very well in certain sports but do not perform unusually well in some other sports.. gymnastics, soccer, tennis, swimming etc! SOC101Y1-WEEKONRACE/ETHNICITY jan16/2013 • If this were true.. we’d need to conclude that blacks lack good soccer genes, swimming genes • A more credible and sociological explanation is that different groups seem to excel in sports due to social cultural factors and maybe climate • scientists have noted certain social conditions... people who face widespread prejudice often enter into sports.. also more than their racial counterparts may enter into the entertainment industry and crime Prejudiceis an attitude that people employ to judge others on their group’s real or imagined characteristics Discriminationis unfair treatment of people due to their perceived group membership. • Up until 1950’s.. Jew’s played a big role in BBALL... • NY knicks.. had a very Jewish squad • thought that blacks are better than whites at sports... is a complement that blacks are inferior in education ?? DNASnips
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