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SOC380 Mar 28 th Lecture 11 - women’s bodies used as symbols of a nation o men’s bodies – fight for the country - but not any woman’s body can be a symbol of a nation o ex. a sex worker cannot be a symbol o what is the ideal woman’s body? - ex. modernity in China: ‘Iron Girl Brigades’ in 1960’s (socialist revolution) o masculinised, strong, etc. o but that same body is no longer the ideal representation o modern China (capitalist advanced nation): post 1980’s  the symbol of the Chinese nation - the bodies from 1960’s are now frowned upon - mirror image – when we say some images are the symbol of a nation – in order for that woman’s body to be a symbol, there are others that hurt the nation Smitha Radhakrishna & the Global Indian Middle Class - Bangalore – the IT city o economic boom since the 1990s in India o IT professional migrating overseas, and also returning to work in India o the production of Global Indianness with Indian core values in religions and family and a consumer-oriented lifestyle - Global Indianness: Mediated Through Gender o Diasporic women have a significant rolei n the making of global India - Tradition and Modernity in the Global Indian Women o women as the carriers of national culture and modernity - Global India: Aishwariya Rai, Miss World - Global India in IT Professional Indian Women’s Narratives: o 1. balanced individuality: global, but not too ambitious o 2. putting family first o 3. respectable femininity in professional IT work – tied to the progress of Indian nation-state in the global political economy  working is not a threat to wom
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