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SOC227 May 7 th Lecture #1 The History of Industrialization in Canada 1. 3 Sector Hypothesis 2. Phases of Industrialization a. Pre-Industrial Economy b. Industrial Economy c. Service Economy 1. 3 Sector Hypothesis by Jean Fourastie - can tell where the economy is (in terms of advancement and development) by looking at the jobs people have to determine the sector the economy is in - workforce quotas – development of economy based on who is doing what job - as the economy develops: o 1. Pre-Industrial: highest % of jobs in the primary sector ex. agriculture o 2. Industrial: highest % of jobs in the secondary sector ex. manufacturing o 3. Industrial: highest % of jobs in the tertiary sector ex. service jobs – exchange for non-tangible commodity) - by 1891, Canada was moving from pre-industrial to industrial economy - 1950  Canada moved to industrial - 2005  are we in the service sector now? 1. Pre-Industrial Economy/Society: Feudalism/Monarchist - world moving into globalization – first wave – colonization - Western powers rich by slaves, herbs/spices – mostly from primary sector - international trading began: o huge trade inequalities – especially between colonizing and colonized  most done in agriculture system – class system based on who owned land • the employees – slaves (no rights, and peasants (no rights) - very minimal divisional labour – taking a big job and cutting it down to smaller duties - intellectual pride – artisan – take their work with pride (very well skilled in their craft) – invested labour – high quality – ex. TODAY: pottery maker, custom furnishings o most of the people wor
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