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1 - Introduction

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Robert Brym

Suicide written by one of the founding fathers of Soc Durkheimrecognized most people think of it as a very personal and nonsocial action Even antisocialOne of the first soc profsSucs result of despair deeply psych issueDemonstrated it had deep soc causes peop unaware ofLooked at diff pop categories for explanations maybe peoples minds as causeRatenumber of cases per 1000100000 peopleFig our not why indiv might do it but rather why the rate of suic might differ among different categories of the population Women men diff religions diff age categories Found no relationship between the rate of mental illness and the rate of suicFound women are more than 2x as likely as men to be admitted to mental insti but had only 13 suic rate of men in France in 19th century Opposite what experts might expectReligionhighest mental illnessJews but not as high suic rate Cath more likely to commit suicMarried less likely Older more likelyAnswer in 1899 book The propensity to commit suicide is affected by the level of social solidarity of the groups in which one happens to be embeddedMen have higher suic rate n late 19th cent France since most women spent their lives busy with the intimate details of fam life Taking care
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