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2 - Culture

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University of Toronto St. George
Robert Brym

Ritualized behaviors because ppl think those kinds of behaviors will assist them in some way Ritualistic practices are widespreadInstances of the emergence of culture The total sum of ideas and practices and symbol that help us solve everyday problems ow to get across the river canoe bridgeThink someones looking over us and theres ritual behaviors that if we follow well be all rightThe weak among us may the the ones who inherit the earthJesusTry to solve some human problem some need that existsRitual becomes culture once its socially transmitted becomes widely accepted is learned and goes from one generation to the nextoriginal steam engine Used to open a door only revived during the industrial revolution when someone realized it could be improved Became part of culture once it became useful Itd been forgotten for 1700 yearscomputer Atanasoff stopped working on it WWII broke out and military realize it had tremendous potential as a mechanism to calculate ballistic trajectories Decoding In the last 2 years new comps developed to decode messages Comp helped to win WWII It became part of culture only after a social need for it developed Had been rotting in basement beforehandMost of us are q
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