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4 - Socialization

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University of Toronto St. George
Robert Brym

Victor the Wild Boy of AveyronNothing wrong with him but had been fending for himself in the woods for years Such children rarely develop normally disinterested in games cant for relationships with people only develop minimal language skillsThe ability o learn culture and become human is only a potential In order to do so socialization is neededSpitz compared children in orphanage to children in a nursery attached to a womans prisonSOCIALIZATION is the process of learning culture and becoming aware of yourself as you interact with othersDuring the day orphanage babies had sheets hung around the crib to not see what as going on around In the prison children could see the mums coming around taking care of everyone Only six nurses kept kids calm by blocking off their sight 6 nurses for 45 kidsBy the age of 912 the orphans more susceptible to infection and had a higher death rate Socially isolated means you have a weaker immune system By 23 all from the nursery prison were walking and talking but only 8 of orphans were Impaired sexual life when they reach maturity had only began playing with themselves in the third year as opposed to the first Without socialization most of our human potential remains unlocked We dont become fully humanOur behaviour is not completely biological Chap 2 of NS Human capacity for abstractions and cooperation enables us to create culture Biology sets broad human limits and broad human
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