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University of Toronto St. George

SOCC W8 – after reading week Early School Leaving among Immigrants in Toronto Secondary School Africentricity (Asante; Dei, etc.) Africentric Schooling - Ontology o Study of knowledge - Pedagogy o How we teach knowledge - Epistemology o How we do research ? - The above 3 are the only differences that come from black-focused schools. - It is not segregating but our schools are failing particular students and there is diff philosophy that is available to teach our student - Students feel disrespected and profile and receive harassment - How do we engage with students in a different manner? o Sacred and cherished - This idea is not new, just hasn’t been thought as legitimate - Anyone can attend school but what they will receive within it is knowledge in a different manner. - This is attempt of school that rewrite people into history and schooling - Prof thinks it becomes problematic of what is written Africentric things today - We all interact in this place together. We cant say black people cant do this thing with someone else, receive sufficient training in this job, etc. - Names like Africentric already has political feature that racism are happening in schools. Difference between education and schooling - Schooling o Class where people talk at you - Education o Where you learn - When kids learn they are being harassed by teachers, when particular students have low expectation for certain students, when their communities are disrespected… they lost interest in schooling - School is violent (through profiling and harassment) - Schooling o Drop out - Education o Push out  Continues to build up until people are kicked out  Either by cops, t
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