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Lecture 4

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Robert Brym

Lecture 4 – October 3, 2012 1. Socialization and education “tap into” the human potential a. Socialization – process of learning culture and becoming aware of yourself and your interaction with others 2. Biology provides human’s potential to be social a. Brains, vocal cords, opposable thumbs b. Socio-biologists would think that biology also relates to being monogamous, moral, following the law, intelligence 3. Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory a. Characteristics of members of each species vary widely b. Species members with more adaptive characteristics are more likely to survive until reproduction c. Therefore the species characteristics that endure are those that increase the survival chances of the species 4. Socio-biologist a. Identify characteristic that they think is universal i. Ex. men are polygamous/cheating b. Create story as to why that is i. Ex. Women have to carry/raise the child and looks for a monogamous partner who stays to help. Men can just fuck the women and further their genes and peace. 5. Sociologists argue that socio-biology is too simple. Leaves out culture, upbringing, institutions, etc. a. Ex. they’d say look at gender socialization in different cultures in term of sexuality 6. Gender socialization a. Sex costs women – pregnancy b. Stud is positive / slut is negative 7. Socially mediating a. Hunger (biology) + Culture = Eating
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