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Introduction to Society and Culture Discusses culture, ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, discusses 'freedom', post - modernism, reationalization, consumerism, and marketing to children

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University of Toronto St. George
Robert Brym

Introduction to Sociology and Culture Sept 2210Many people have different kinds of rituals because they believe that by doing certain different things these actions can assist them in what they are doingCulture emerged from these ideas of ritualized behaviourThese rituals or cultural actions are all created to solve some human problems about lifeCulture must be widely shared in order to be considered as real culture Cultureis the sum of socially transmitted ideas practices and material objects that people create to overcome real life problemsCulture gives us guidelines for how to actSociety exists when people interact and share culture generally in a geographically delimited areasCulture becomes culture when it becomes a human needPeople tend to take their own culture for granted Different cultures practices and rituals are odd to us or inferiorWhen we judge another culture this is called ethnocentrism it involves judging another culture exclusively by the standard of ones own culture Cultural Relativism is the belief that all elements of all cultures should be respected as equally valid 84 of class 469 believe we should respect other cultures Cliterectomyremoval of outside clitoris outside of the vaginaKnown as genital mutilation Some people believe removes some sexual arousal in womenHowever it results in pain humiliation infection and loss of sexual pleasureIt is associated with infection and sexual transmitted diseases This practise is actually a manifestation of sexually oppression 79 of class 461 believes we should not respect the practice of Cliterectomy We should always respect other cultures however we should have a set of universal values where we draw lines where practices violate dignity
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