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Lecture notes Nov 2 - Subcultures and Learning Lecture notes from November 2nd class on Subcultures and Learning. Notes are detailed - I catch almost everything Professor Innocente says.

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Nathan Innocente

SOC212Y1Crime and Deviance Subculture and Learning Tuesday November 2 2010 SubculturesEx punks musicians office subcultures Goths etcVast term that encompasses different groupsIn the study of crime and deviance it focuses on very specific groupsthis is a criticism of itSubcultures form as a solution to problemsTypically lower class youth though not limited toSeen as reactions against achievement oriented and competitive middle class against middle class valuesReaction against diminished opportunities for work and leisureWhy are deviant solutions generated in the first placePrimarily gangs and deviant subcultures that are looked atNo summary of main points for subculture and learningindividual approaches are so different that they cannot be summarizedSocial backgroundProsperity and rise in consumerism in the 1950sSuperiority and nomalization of middle class values set inMiddle class becomes majorityArguably believed that middle class values and norms won the warhard work industriousness etcRight to educationBelief that their children had a right to university educationHuge influx of university studentsUrbanization and deteriorated city centersAs pointed out by Chicago schoolMoving away from city centersGreat depressionIdea that social forces cause crime see strain theory Intellectual backgroundAmalgam of intellectual contributionsLearning theory derived from Chicago school interactionismLife histories and criminal apprenticeship Critiques of existing theory no scientific testable studiesCombines Chicago and Mertons strain
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