Interaction Topics: Interaction, Symbolic Interactionism

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16 Oct 2011

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Lecture 1 – September 16, 2008
Interaction is face-to-face communication among people who act and react
in relation to one another
Interaction Order:
An interaction order is a system of face-to-face relations organized by status.
A status is a recognized position in a social interaction.
Emotions are patterned around hierarchy
Why do women laugh more than men?
Arlie Hocshschild:
Emotion management involves people responding appropriately to the situations
in which they find themselves. Women and middle class people have to suppress
their feelings more often than men and higher class.
Emotion labour is emotion management that one does as part of one’s job and for
which one is paid. (eg. teacher, sales clerk, airline attendants)
Attended flight attendant school in Florida for Delta Airlines
Women are required to do much more emotion labour than men
Women and minorities lack:
status shield: a social status that protects its owner from the negative emotions or
actions of another
Women use their emotions (like laughter) as a resource to show appreciation for
the speaker and to contribute to the interaction. Also, to compensate for their lack of
status shield.
Women who played a male for a day realized that they had to erase their emotions
and stop smiling.
Herbert Blumer (1969)
people act toward things based on the meaning those things have for them;
these meanings are derived from social interaction and modified through
Impression management is the manipulation of how we present ourselves to
others so as to appear in the best possible light. (eg. medical students become
doctors by conveying the definition of doctor to others by using medical terms)
impression online is given off through screen name, photo etc.
LOL, LMAO are you really?
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