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Race and Ethnicity Topics: Samuel George Morton, Prejudice, Discrimination, Racialization,

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Adam Green

Lecture 04Race and EthnicityOctober 7 2008Samuel George Mortonstudied human skulls that came from many different placesdifferent races believed that the bigger the brain the smarter the person believed that brain size was linked to race packed small pellets into brains until they were full and then poured into measuring cylinder and measured volume of pellets thought this would help him draw conclusions about the size of brains those ranked in high social hierarchy had large brains largest to smallest white asian native Americans etcused this evidence to justify slaveryarcheologists cannot determine race by skull sizeMortons research was only based on 72 skulls statistically impossible 71 that he identified black skulls belonged to Africanwomen comparing apples and orangesScience is a social undertaking When you look at scientific data do not trust it It is up to you to determine whether it has holes or not White skulls men are smaller than blacks IQ scores change every year by race Example Jews IQ scores improved over the years but their genetic make up did not ch
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