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Lecture 2

SOC 101 week 2

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University of Toronto St. George

Week 2 September-18-13 12:31 PM Differences between Soc and Common sense 1. Soc unlike common sense makes an effort 2. Soc and common sense differ in the way that each makes sense of human reality in terms of how they understand and explain events and circumstances (intentions vs. not) 3. The power of common sense depends on its self-evident character: not to question its precepts and to be self-confirming in practice - 4. Look at P.P 7 Characteristics of a Critical Thinker  To distinguish, to see new ones 1. Independence of mind o A commitment and disposition favourable to autonomous thinking. i.e thinking for oneself 2. Intellectual curiosity o The disposition to wonder about the world 3. Intellectual courage o The willingness to elevate all ideas, beliefs, or view points fairly and the courage to take position o No opinion is better- there are other positions but what you believe in 4. Intellectual humility o Awareness of the limits of one's knowledge 5. Intellectual empathy o Being conscious of the need to put oneself in the place of others in order to understand them 6. Intellectual perseverance o The willingness to pursue intellectual insights and truths in spite of difficulties, obstacles and frustrations 7. Reflective disposition o Awareness of one's own approach is fallible Sociological Research  Is the undertaken with the objective of: o Describing o Understanding o Influencing or improving the social world in which we live Foundation of Social Science  Science is about 1) logic (theory) 2) observation (methods)  Study of Social Regularities- social research aims to find patterns of regularity in social life  Study of Aggregates- the link between 2 factors ex. education and impact the career they want to have o Language of Attributes (characteristics that describe people, cases, or things I.e Man or woman) o Variables (logical groupings of attributes i.e Gender) o Relationship between attributes and variables lies at the heart of both description Social Structure  Soc- explaining patterns Science- theory and methods  Social Structure: Relatively stable patterns of social relations that affect our thoughts, feelings and actions and identity  3 levels of social struc
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