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University of Toronto St. George
Andrew Mc Kinnon

His lec: transition in Canadian market is moving to service sector. the most impo temporarly is that part of the service sector which is involved in retail. jobs in the retail part are not really good one. the manufacturing sectore remains important still, it is not as important now as it was In the previous th century. most of the 20 century the manufacturing sector was well paid jobs. Overhead: since 1976, there has been a shift away from the manufacturing of good, and a huge growt of service industries. 2010, retail(selling things) was the largest part of the Canadian economy. Manufacturing sector the 2 most impo source of jobs. health care social service industries third most impo source of jobs: a growing segment of the service sector , a source of better service sector jobs. The deadline of manufacturing industry? why worry? - factory jobs have traditionally represented good jobs, particularly for young males with few educational qualifications. good jobs In the factory are occupied by the young males who do not have good education. factory work is impo in providing employment to males who have not gone to university. December 2011: hourly wage rates: $22.53 in manufacturing industry. $15.59 in retail. shows diff in jobs in manufacturing and retail. Deindustrilization: what does it do? - transition from manufacturing to service sector jobs. - reduces the number of good jobs. - increases levels of unemployment (closing down of factories) - increases gap between rich and poor. - manufacturing is not seen as a good thing. good jobs, bad jobs and the service sector good jobs= extrinsic (external things from the jobs, such as wages, income, or benefits) and intrinsic rewards (something that interests person). people who have good or bad jobs, they both experience extrinsic or intrinsic jobs. you score high on extrinsic rewards being a professor, but u could also have intrinsic rewards. the bad jobs in service sector can also have these two factors: telemarketing: ringing ppl up is not instrinsic rewards. it will also have less extrinsic rewards. does the service sector only provide bad jobs? - the service sector has a lower tier and an upper tier - the service sector is divided it has upper tier (you would find financial industries, utilities, educational workers (techers or profeessors), office administratoes. This reflects that service sector does not only have bad jobs. - complicating evaluations of the quality of service sector jobs is the fact that many of them are: part time, involve self-employement. many jobs In the service sector are part time jobs. yes there are good jobs in service sector, it does create new jobs, but many of the jobs created are part time. business about part time jobs is that when ppl are working part time because they cant find full time jobs. part time job is no issue for university students because we are full time students. female workers: part time work is good thing for some
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