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Christian O.Caron

SOC Lecture – October 23 rd Social Stratification Robert Brym Social Stratification: the layering of unequal categories of people in society – rich and poor, powerful and powerless, highly educated and less educated, and so on. -Students of stratification study (1) the structure or shape of inequality, (2) the movement of people between layers, and (3) how and why these dimensions of inequality vary over time and place (4) the micro level, the everyday interactions that reinforce or subvert social hierarchies. The Functional Theory of Stratification: - Some jobs are more important than others - Jobs that are more important require more training and sacrifice - To motivate talented people to undergo training and sacrifice, high rewards must be offered - Therefore, stratification is necessary; it performs a useful function Criticisms of the Functional Theory of Stratification: - The question of which occupations are more important is far from clear - The functional theory ignores the pool of talent that lies unused because of inequality - The functional theory fails to examine how advantages and disadvantages are passed from generation to gen
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