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Lecture 3

soc203-Lecture 3.

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Irving Zeitlin

Marx and India 1. Marx on India: * Marx’s claim * India before the British * the effects of imperialism 1. Moore on India (from Barrington Moore, Jr., Social Origins of Dictatorships and Democracy, 1966): * Moore’s model of industrialization * India: agriculture and industry * Barriers to change in India 1. Implications: Brahmin * Marx on India * analyzing capitalism * The independent effect of status (Weber) * Articulation of mode of production Things that introduced by British: British military Free newspaper Private property in Land Rail road * Bourgeosies and Polantarian have natural conflict in between. * Crisis of over production: the owners product more than the market can possibility afford. * They push down the salaries and people can not afford to buy new things, they work harder and increases the production but people cannot afford to but: problem appear. * Increasing productivity and increasing the power of capitalism as well --> if workers are not work hard enough, they can fire him and hire more. * Alienation: between the product and workers, workers in between and workers themselves. * Alienated labour: self-identification: the at
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