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Sociology- September 12th 2012 Web site for weekly slides, movies and announcements: Emile Durkheim’s “Suicide” 1897: he wanted to make an important point. He said it was the most anti social act because they do so in private. And they kill themselves from society. The rate of suicide per 100 000 is a not a function of the state of mind but a social cause. At the time they believed that neurasthenia(NS- a state of psychological distress) caused suicide. He challenged the belief that the higher the rate of NS then the higher the rate of suicide.(positive correlation) He found that women suffered from a higher rate of NS (almost twice) And yet men create a 3-4 times more suicide than women According to age and religious group : The rate of suicide was highest of Protestant and NS was higher in jews but suicide was lowest in jews People are embedded in social relations and psychological distress and the nature of those influence the likelihood of suicide. Level of social solidarity in a given group Slide one - Durkheim”s theory of Suicide I Married people have a greater level of social solidarity than none married even thought their psychological distress age and everything is the same. The religious beliefs of protestants are individual and claims that you should find your own path unlike catholics where there is a social hierarchy and they controlled and had a structure. Jews had shared morality and value and social interactions within themselves because of the anti semitism that was in Europe. This was the left of the graph Curve liner rates- When Social solidarity goes over a certain point, suicide rises again ( altruistic suicide) Example throw yourself on the hand grenade to protect your friends- martyr? This is what armies aim to do, raise social solidarity so soldiers will be brain washed into flighting and saving -They strive to identify a particular type of behaviors for intellectual, p
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