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Inequality and Occupation

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Charles Jones

SOC304H1F Lecture Oct 17, 2011 THE AMOUNT OF INEQUALITY - Hierarchy is a characteristic of all human societies - Some societies more unequal than others - The study of social mobility usually treated upward or downward mobility as being separable from the overall amount of inequality in society WHO WANTS “meritocracy”? – EXCHANGE MOBILITY - Rising above one’s parent social position (seen as a good thing). But if the number of higher level positions remains constant, one person going up means another going down (exchange mobility) Indicators of Social Position - Income and wealth (can be unstable indicators; leave out account of honour and prestige - Owning land (historical restriction of voting rights to freeholders/landowners: those who “have a stake in the country”) - Occupation or Trade (Various classifications with important dividing lines between skilled/unskilled and agricultural/manual/non-manual forms of work. WHY OCCUPATION Typical justification – (a) person’s occupation is main indicator of social status in industrial societies QUEBEC CITY AS A FRONTIER TOWN – WHILE A FRENCH COLONY OCCUPATIONS GROUPED INTO SOCIAL CLASS CATEGORIES - Wage earners - Farmers - Other self-employed - Elite occupations - Arti
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