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Jenna Valleriani

SOC212 Lecture 1Deviance a volition of societies norms not always something against the lawevery society define deviance in a different wayWHAT IS DEVIANTKilling people no smoking weedmore socially acceptable picking your nose the ew makes it deviance BATMANThe dark nightgood and evil normal and differentGothamlike Toronto urban area grappling with good and badBatmana deviant but also trying to do good superhero defender of good works with law enforcement sometimes its not always clear on what side of the line he standspsychological tensionearned the title of Dark Night BatmanBruce Wayne lives a wealthy lifestylegiving him the ability to use these high tech toys crucial to his second identity as batman victims of his parents being murdered There to distract people from his double lifeHis identitybehaviour also makes him a deviant sometimes This is why he remains secretive DRIFT THEORYhow Batman can driftin and out of conforming to societies expectations DevianceIs in the eye of the beholder it can be subjective Subjectivity judgements based on peoples feelings morals valuesopposite is objective viewDeviance is temporally and culturally situated What may be deviant in one place may not be deviant in another Definitions of Deviance STATISTICALdeviance is atypical Statistical minority represent deviance The common conditions determine what is normal this is risky because many forms of deviance behaviours are also hidden in addition to being rareSome forms for deviance is statistically normal ABSOLUTISTThe same behaviour will be deemed deviant in all societies at all times this would mean that all societies would develop rules that would cast certain behaviours as bad Thus we can understand the basis of deviance and social controlBUt this would make us focus on the criminal and the deviant in explaining why people break rulesEX we could look at physiological factors or sociological factorsCertain forms of behaviours are a given no question that they are wrongCertain forms of behaviour are a given deviant we can just focus on whats wrong with the individual who is breaking the rules norms of society RELATIVISTThe same behaviour is different societies and in different times are nor always considered deviantdiff societies see behaviour of deviance in different way this can help us focus on why rules are made and in what context this means that deviance is a social productthis would point to the issue that this research is for nothing because rules are changeable form one region to the next so there is no cause of deviance from one society to another NORMATIVE deviance as a violation of a norm socially shared standards of conduct norms are social properties that suggests what people should and should not do dictating peoples behaviours of what is acceptable or not in societythis term norms is very vague and not very clear what is norm and what isnt DEVIANCEVIOLATION OF SOCIAL NORMSCLEAR MAJORITY MUST AGREE ON THIS VIOLATION VIOLATION DRAWS REACTION AND SANCTION Deviance wide ranging term referring to behaviours that deviate form a social norm rule breaking behaviour but criminal behaviourconsists of behaviours that break the lawmurder thefttraffic violations whereas deviance is behaviours that deviate from the norms and values of societyCould day that deviance is an act that breaches the lawBUT not all illegal acts are deviant deviant but all crimes are illegal CLASSICAL APPROACHES explaining deviance prescientific approaches which hunts satan temptation and possessioneradicated by the enlightenment which began in Europe in order to reform society on a scientific basisusing reason and advancing knowledge through empiricism and scientific method Promoting scientific thought and opposed superstition etc during the enlightenment deviance were no longer possessed but viewed as people with free will who violated the social contract which we commit toUtilitarianismgreatest good for the greatest amount of people 2 main people Beccaria punishmentto the crimepunishment was a deterrent to prevent future criminal conduct Benthamemphasizing rationalityutilitarianism people can do what they want but as along as they were not harming anthers the punishment had to be swift certain and greater to any benefit one would receive from crime imprisonment ideal punishment because it would allow the deviant to be punished X1to any gain from devianceCant see guards in the tower cant see punishment coming hmmDETERRENCE THEORYspeed certainty appropriate severity and exemplarity go punishment People are less likely to commit a crime if they know they are going to be punished for it The sooner the punishment can be givenswift the better effect it will haveStandards for deviance change depending onLOCATIONwar okay to kill grocery store not okayTIME stigma surrounding homosexualityACTOR age gender class status etcAUDIENCE social powerMORAL PANICS idea that in addition to social power it can also effect the separation between deviant and normal plays on what is considered a proper societyMAAD moral entrepreneurs going after drunk driving as criminal they have a folk devilcolumbineoh its the music that makes people deviant scape goatsVideo Reefer Madness Harper government implementing super max prisons to deal with the worst criminals General crime is declining so why do we need these super max prisons at all
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