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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Jenna Valleriani

rdSOC212 June 3 2013 Lecture5Functionalism and StrainFunctionalism a view which focuses on the idea that societies EVOLVE grow or develop like living organismsEmile Durkheim Focuses on1 Industrialization 2 Movement of ppl from country to citySocieties grow and become more complex over time and have certain needs Needs are called functional prerequisites such as food water shelterSystems are developed to meet those needsPolitical system means of attempting to achieve these goals at the endEdu system good example for functionalismview this as the things that create social solidarity Have 2 functions manifest visible and intended eg transmitting culture to future generations teaching important skills also social skills evaluating and selecting most competent individualslatent not visible and often unintended eg reproduce existing class structuresFunctionalism systems and the society are held together bc of shared values shared cultureIs transmitted through socialization into common norms and valuesThere are consensusKeeping society stable and social orders created through social sanctions Eg lawAs society changes systems become more complex Eg industrialized society have to find new ways to meet the needsbc the society is so complex we needs specialized laboursaristocratic elites wouldnt workSociety operates in meritocratic with equal oppSchool works the hardest on this wayFunctionalists would argue that anyone can make it if they have talentsCriticism assumes value consensus assumes that everyone holds the same values and normsInadequate view of power But in reality this isnt true since we dont start from the same position w equal power and resourcesDeterministicppl dont have a voice ppl lose their sense of agency the ability of a person to act the capacity of an agent
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