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3rd lecture

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Sheldon Ungar

Sociology Lecture 3: Interaction A status is a recognized position in a social interaction. People of higher status get more laughs and people of lower status laugh more. Laughter of everyday life sometime reveals status hierarchy. Jokes of stereotypes elevate ones feeling of superiority. Many jokes enable us to reenact social hierarchy. We can and often to control our emotions. How we get emotional: external stimulus physiological response and initial emotion cultural scriptmodified emotional response. Emotion management involves people obeying feeling rules and responding appropriately to the situations in which they find themselves. Emotional labor is emotion management that one does as part of ones job and for which one is paid. People like teachers or flight attendants have to spend a great part of their days as experts at emotional labor as they must put up with misbehaviors. Lower class, men, and Catholics are more prone to expressing their feelings instead of suppressing them. Emotion labour has become a commodity. The way we experience things are no longer the same as the past. The crude death rate is the annual number of deaths per 1000people in a population. A rate is the frequency with which an event occurs in a given time span per population unit. People invested less emotionally in their childre
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