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Not enough just to rule To mend rulers power is to rule by divibe right common 17 and 18 royal absolutism or absolute monarchy Filmer argued impose limitations on absolute monarch is sacrilege a prince never obliged contract concessions to abstain lives liberties of subjects do whatever he wants , unalterby opposed to social contract mult and ruler James tyrell patriarch 1681 positions human endowed freedom subjection choose whatever gov they please power any ind has over others hobbes state of war two qualities passion and reason, first exit is democratic life is nasty poor brustish and short const of leviathan or common power done with monarch aristorcrtic assemble or demo. Create a common power from within strong enough put down war in our soc but other soc covets what we have therefore threaten us with aggression, common power not adequate defend external aggression must submit aggressor or find string man or agrees defend us from them, compare contrast hobbes social contract with others tyrell makes a common seniscal argument that father auth not absolute subject to mother laws royal absolutism not derived father authority king reln not natural power but art, estowed conditionaly with mult or people we know locke purchased tyrell book in tyrelll anticipates lockes ideas, his ideas inspired locke but didnt acknowledge did he write before or after revolution before or after defend right of revolution wheter locke wrote in response of hobbes not engage personally filmer more popular because he said what priv and power wanted to hear. Lockes state of nature, people free order lives as they see fit fun equal no power over another all obligations in nature recip and cites Richard hooker philo thnker who wants reviece receive it in sat desire in others golden rule. Law of nature everyone knows in state of war cant live in accordance on dom others pople are free not destroy one or other. Lockes not state of war during first connection Locke not succeed distinguish nature with state of war because lockes state of nature allows self persevtion forced aggression right everyone has right punish transgressor stain punish offender proportionate to offence in punish harm another injured party seek reperation recon problem ppl judges in own case self love cruel unusual punishment in American const need umpire or center auth locke concession to hobbes indespneablity of common umpire granted hobbes
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