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Irving Zeitlin

st Use the hypothetical construct, most radical philosphes advocated democracy, 1 task address nature of human nature, dis on hum, we were infin maluble cant be molded without consqeucnce rosseasu nature of human nature, different, spring time on earth, agress with montesqui social laws, ignorance and error misinterpret with at odds nature, make mistakes can correct them we do have certain degrees of freedom contignecy, Laws modern physics, logic behavior is determined by external causes certain devince predict mutitulde, here not external casue but internal one means to and end doing what hope to do in future atoms pushed from behind we are being pulled, debate dtereminism and free will agree we all have morally sig choices, morally sig not all neautral moral sig and consequene Rosseu france at the time royal absolutism 3 pillars church nob and monarchy do and thinkmontesqieu face censorship Accuses hobbes left in tact certain social attributes, such as war rossua cit before soldier, warriors though socilaztion, killers by nature no need to draft, strip us down to original nture pre lang, cult, How do u do it in no where humans live outside society or ever has, through logical reasoning and by animals and savages Thought exp two principals, pure nature no social att, preservation and aversion witnessing suffering of sentient creature alive and suffer averse circumstances, 3 not necessary associations problematic bc, wolves create problem for himself, feel and suffer not ill treat them, bountiful food shelter no scarcity and children adapt easily, difference humans ability self improvent or perfectablity how does it emerge need ability to reason strive to no things live well and enjoy them, latent no need for other capacities, no social qaulityes no ass no language cult no fam Males females meet desire and goes own way, saem child and mother allows cries to beg for help suggests enough sociablity prompt to aid other individuals have pity and compassion enough to come to aid of others, denies soc no mutual needs like monkey or wolf its own kind cont or not know enough, island onto himself, all have mutual needs sat mutual aid and cooperation, why come down geological disaster, how did we become bipeds structure spine change whole body change, small and weak had to compensate Darwin mutual aid is good ants what rossue is saying lone indi is problematic Wolves not instinct for hunting but capacity to learn how to hunt from parents never know how to do it like this in every species
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