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15 Dec 2010
What is a reaction to, reaction against enlightenment, therefore the French revo,
conservative conseuquence of locke and rosseu old regim
Philodphs tuen don old regime, also rxn againt industrial rev, rxn took place in Britain with
Edmund burke, some in france and germany hegel he straddles both enlighten and rxn
What in romatic, not cold reason but feeling and imagination, go back to status quo ante
preceed now,
Both valid and important
Newton spring and wire,
Many materialists result in ateism matter and motion, ovague lamente conceieved human
as a machine, lavente man the machine, machinistis view of human ability to learn things
from john locke, humans learn by receiving sensory stimuli from outside kkant sa this as
Social contract mechanical construct society conceieved of that a business coropertaion
comes into locke montesuire in human condition but overlooked, learned from conservatives
Mech in that French revo treated treaed French soc as machine plk out rusty parts and
replace them ignored organic character of they societ the nature of society,
Another point French revo violent, romantic conservative replaced mech with organic
Frech royal absolutism, beurgoise supported French revo, radiclatist draft lower to get arm
forces how get food took from peasent peasentry falls away support revo, a strong man
napoleon showed up and napoleon rise as strong man both sides, napoleon exported
He invasded nationalism became such a powerful forece rectio gaiansnt nepoleonic
Congress of Vienna, aim accomplishment was to resotre old regime everywhere undermind
by French revo and napoleon,
Tradition over time contains widon as a positive,
Heiracehy is natural, has to be authority, religion of course happen was critized by
philophes conservatism gove it new meaning.
Rosse enlightment first realize irrational human conduct assigned positive value unlike
other philsophes who were materialists, prej given positive ierprattion, why positive value
bc it unites, religo, religo unite, European unites against,
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Understanding origin of institutions not change, conservat against French and industrial,
industrial, look very ugly degrading, and capitalism earliest conservatives, recognize
destructive consequence of industry of envornment and family
Tokaville not tell day or night of all the smoke, major factory 1832 working ppl proletariens
69 hurs a week, conservative find offensive
Romatic poets, classical refers to 18th century embodies enlightenment, conservative rxn
feeling imagination
Bonnel and mester leaders cathoilic lived in earliest stage of industrial revo industrial not
ineveitbale ugly, clock could be turn back but were wrong,
Burke, Dude rebutes every philopshes idea, he was least liberal in some then bonel and
mester, bristish history and cont monarch and tried to be objective different attitude French
then American, organic development society living organism American preserve it by
reatinig ancient rights and priv, geore 3 undermind orhganic character of deny colonist of
rights and priv, reform not revo,
Britan imperialist and harsh, burke advocated refoems in india, offended by bristish rule of
Ireland English squezzed Ireland , potato 1840 one pot, trinity with garabge to poor house,
luckerville, garbage nobility to poor to poopers broth, burke reform necessary to bring state
with harmony with other social condtions
Burke argue against enlifhgt and consequce of frecnh, natural laws, rights, rejected nature
concepts misleading to say soc machine a living organism ind not more than state not a
social contract that can be rid
Ind no right hobbes locke rossea talked, rights through cominuty , slowly organicall not
given in historical and concrete not abstract , indi is abstraction every indi depends on
Stae no contract but higher organic unity partenship living dead past present futire revo no
right destroy it, intervene organic process
Napolenaic expansion nationalsism emerges who were invaded, nations held together not
rational but non rational factors national sentimemt spiritual ties, burke English man
organic view of soc
Catholic burnell zo, counter revo, ideology was restoration, of old regime return pre
revolutionary oreder stauts quo ante idealized lost medieval order before frech and indust
but before protestant revol, real trauma 16th 17th cwntury wars prot and cath, but forward
religios phil doctrince by bible old and bew test, which tradtion began revaltion tradition
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