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15 Dec 2010
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Industrial revolution new type of manufacturing system not human or horse power but on
modern types of machines fueled by coal, Britain 1760, tokerville to Manchester, calls it a
sespool, tolkerville realaized in the 1830s, 69 hrs a week, why marks uses anlienation, what
others noticed in revolution proletaeret who owns nothing, no choice but to work, more and
more no such thing as unskilled labour you had to learn fundamental skills u had the guild
to get any guild u had to be an apprentice for 7 years only than journey man, whole pont in
preindustrial production not to manufacturer the largest number as fast which capitalism is
about marx coined the term in das capital, marx alienation conceive alienation no skill
doing same skill 69 hrs a week water technology lived in cellar and relied on streams lived
downstream from others used other defacated in proleterate eating own shit
Thats why bonel and mester, who were first critics, marx and later socialists , first were the
conservatives couldnt belive what they are seeing pollution ugly nightmare, conservative
not only ones who wanted turn clock back, not even viewed as mixed blessing,
saint simone industrial rev in England than france, first reconxied no going back stuck with
this, gives positive interpretation,
dynamic phenomenon not stand still, not remain there all of Europe, industrial society
simon gives it positive connotation and follow what it means new society replacing pre
inductial, he and comte new emerging middle class society in france included French term
burgeosi, no just commercial but all aspects capitalist class, coined term positive philosophy
polemtical term argue against begative critical of philsophes, tore down old regime, 18
critcial 19 organized, repudiate negative
19th century hayday new idea social evolutionism, view human species evolved socially lower
stages to high stages, should be critical of this
Founder of socialism, fought in American revoilution, buid canal, socialism among those
who introduced it, before was uterlitarian main philosophy of the time back to adam smith,
to economist to Ricardo and Malthus,
Adma smith began to recognized after wealth of nations describing early capitalism he
believed as followers did self equilibriating system and gov nothing to do with it regulates
itself, metaphor, invisible hand
If everyone pursues own intrest good of greatest number, benson, they saw competiton, all
things equal go to same good lowest price, b cost is lower due to power, power driven by fuel,
this was the dominate view,
Susmonde published essay political econmomy not true, commercial price poor get poorer,
continue relevance of these criticism,
Saint simon accept uterlatrian till read susmonde book, early stages small business no large
Lower middle class fall ranks of proletaaretes, something going wrong in system real reason
no rational planning marx cllaed anrchy pf production,
Socialism rational planning of econmy, planners? Buneel and mester, restore old regime
monarcgy, church, nobility,
Ruled by two elites one a spiritual, the clegy the church whuich was hierarchal bishop
cardinals to pope, and other temporal(wordly) feudal lords
Bunnel mester retain stability establishing same political system after French revolution
and did succeed, since san simone u cant go back new society different from what preceded
it cant be ruled by old elite, new elite, emerged womb inside feudal society, science
capitalism and pvt, feudal had begings of science and bging chalnges of church protestant
Council of newton, social science one of foundes of sociology comete coined sociology simone
study society in scientific way, new elite owners of capital, not miibet ebough to create
business to produce
Profit motice all enteepenur hope making profit
Les Industriels, translates, he includes not only owners but non owners capitalist and
proletate this struck marx, saint simone lived early 19th century the start of classes hasnt
emerged yet, had model of muddel ages master, patron saint, fraternal reln conflict that
emerged later not yet evident saw it as one class,
Considerbale originality in his view,
Theolgical stage the middle age, metaphysical stage thinkers liberate themskeves through
rational critscim the enloghtment philo discussion new ideas, 3rd positive meaning scientific
Religion did bind, then he hold sicence take place of religion and unifying
Intellectual elite only teacher allowd to say anything
Concepts libverty equality dealt with latter on
Is an authoritain society scienctific rule with property rulers like plato saint simon no rule
in gov for common people, class tructure, always seems to be intelecture elite involved saitn
simone scheme intelectial elite lined with have nots to have French revolution have stability
crating new class structure, which intellectures scientific haves and haves not, science new
binding of eurpoean nation
Saint simone internationisl talking about Europe have socialsm in one country and not
anoter, cnadaiac sicence American no, science unites all, u needed a united states of Europe
create international system,
It failed bc writning in 19th century not recognized feudal elemts strong, writing early not
anitcapte what happened sepeate countires writing to early, first ww so irrational and
destructive, fail to recnoze emerging nationlsim led to conflict and war, later science and
industry wont and cannot unite,
Comte studnte of saint simone point they said comte founder of disciplince, more idealogical
of saint simone in that it is a defence of status quo that consuel of newton scientists make
descisiion like platos attitude to 3rd class, aafter revolution and restablishment of old
regime, there was a retrograde party because they destroyed old regime radical party whole
range of them that argued rev did not go far enough, conflict retrograde and radical party,
does this with + philosophy, no such thing as harmonious form always internal
contradiction, marx stuent of hegel, no such thing as positive harmonious social form for
positivists there is facts, facts must state not fall from sky difficult to state them,
Logical positivism unifying sciences, study things like molecules and genes, cant study
human beings as u study inamnate objects positive one methodology, study anything ur
interest in, social evolution progress, rigid stages like stairs
Social problem have problem with social law cnat deal with it deal we reach higher stage,
Opening line in com manifesto reflecting form of class conflict due to inequalities,
3 french terms
Prevoir predict
Sevoir to know
Pouvoir to realize or control
How do u predict anything in science, predicting seeing future is wrong predction in science
is retrodiction, probability because done it in past no knowing future but knowing the past,
Theory of social evolution