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University of Toronto St. George
Irving Zeitlin

Comte Industrial revolution new type of manufacturing system not human or horse power but on modern types of machines fueled by coal, Britain 1760, tokerville to Manchester, calls it a sespool, tolkerville realaized in the 1830s, 69 hrs a week, why marks uses anlienation, what others noticed in revolution proletaeret who owns nothing, no choice but to work, more and more no such thing as unskilled labour you had to learn fundamental skills u had the guild to get any guild u had to be an apprentice for 7 years only than journey man, whole pont in preindustrial production not to manufacturer the largest number as fast which capitalism is about marx coined the term in das capital, marx alienation conceive alienation no skill doing same skill 69 hrs a week water technology lived in cellar and relied on streams lived downstream from others used other defacated in proleterate eating own shit Thats why bonel and mester, who were first critics, marx and later socialists , first were the conservatives couldnt belive what they are seeing pollution ugly nightmare, conservative not only ones who wanted turn clock back, not even viewed as mixed blessing, saint simone industrial rev in England than france, first reconxied no going back stuck with this, gives positive interpretation, dynamic phenomenon not stand still, not remain there all of Europe, industrial society simon gives it positive connotation and follow what it means new society replacing pre inductial, he and comte new emerging middle class society in france included French term burgeosi, no just commercial but all aspects capitalist class, coined term positive philosophy polemtical term argue against begative critical of philsophes, tore down old regime, 18 critcial 19 organized, repudiate negative th 19 century hayday new idea social evolutionism, view human species evolved socially lower stages to high stages, should be critical of this Founder of socialism, fought in American revoilution, buid canal, socialism among those who introduced it, before was uterlitarian main philosophy of the time back to adam smith, to economist to Ricardo and Malthus, Adma smith began to recognized after wealth of nations describing early capitalism he believed as followers did self equilibriating system and gov nothing to do with it regulates itself, metaphor, invisible hand If everyone pursues own intrest good of greatest number, benson, they saw competiton, all things equal go to same good lowest price, b cost is lower due to power, power driven by fuel, this was the dominate view,
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