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15 Dec 2010

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- Aristotle greatest thinker of antiquity of politics and ethics
- Ethics foundations of politics
- commensensism, down to earth, what is the highest telos (end) not static end put process strive to
happinesss, wellebeing, achieved through certain way of the life, humans social by nature no human island
on to himself no absolute hermit
- Live in communities not for life but good life, achieve good in society rightly organized.
- Science aims to discover what way life hap exists and ways can be secured
- Telos not aim or purpose but continuing thing of perfection, telos acorn great oak tree
- Secure telos of all not few
- Happiness not means but an end not a static end
- Rejects Plato theories of the forms
- Plato believed something higher than the gods, Moira means fate, higher than the gods, forms
manifestation this, concepts like equality exists in ontological sense here is reflection of it but here is
imperfect. Equality can judge to things are equal is having concept of equality he is teaching concepts but
he was not aware of this
- Presocratic philosopher Heraclitus, one never step into same river twice, universe state of flux or flow,
had subject cant step in same river once because is flowing on the time no such thing as present we are
incapable of capturing present moment, applied to everything thats what plato thought apply to ethics so
find something that doesnt change and standards, A rejects forms because not relevant to practical life its
not good to contemplate perfect good to obtain practicale good, good different in med science,
- Good sake of which everything else is done, happiness implies action act of exercise of all of ones
faculties, good life pleasurable include pleasure but much more, pleasure fill a sieve
- What is virtue moral excellence it ids learned or habit of right action formed by acting rightly acquire by
practicing them, just doing just acts
- Delphic oracle, 600 BCE, taught nothing in excess everything in moderation virtue spoiled by excess
and lack of, golden mean
- hedonists lover of pleasure
- find abstinces more enjoyable the habit
- Hrd to fight that is what virtue is dealing with whats hard, Hard more rewarding
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