SOC101Y1 Lecture Notes - Labour Monthly, Scientific Management, Job Satisfaction

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Published on 7 Dec 2011
SOC 207H1F
NOV 30, 2011
Worker Ownership and Collectives
Worker Cooperatives
Workplace Democracy
one member, one vote
votes on decision making in the labour process
Worker ownership and control
Control over the labour process
Control over how profits are distributed
Wholly Grains Bakery
Moto: ‘food for people, not for profit’
Community and social justice focus
Wholly Grains Organizational Structure
Authority resides in collective membership, or in subgroups and committees
established by the collective.
People work across lines of work called ‘shifts’
Eliminates gain of power over other when they constantly shift from
different skilled
and unskilled tasks to another
Less division of labour
Monthly shift meetings
Removing the distinction between mental and physical labour
Different from Taylorism which separates mental (managers) and
physical (labourers) work
Challenges to Wholly Grains
Degenerating into traditional capitalist enterprise
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