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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 (Nov. 30)- Reading Notes

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William Magee

Lecture 10 Reading Notes November 30, 2010 Burden of Innocence clip About wrongfully convicted people who are released after years in prison and their difficulties in readjusting to the regular world The civil justice fails to provide many of them with compensation Clyde Charles o Was serving a life sentence (18 years so far) for a rape that he didnt commit. He wasnt even allowed to take a DNA test although he repeatedly asked for one. o Frontline and the Innocence Project took up his case, and got him free within three months, with results of DNA testing. o 3 years later he had no job, no money, and was living in his car. However, before he went to jail (at age 27), hed had a job and owned his own job. o He was very bitter, even towards his family and just couldnt seem to adjust to normal life. o He was eventually granted over $100,000 compensation but he stabbed his brother before he received it and is now back in jail. Ricky Daye o Had a criminal record for robbery, but was wrongfully accused of rape (of a white woman). o The victim in the case chose his picture out of five in a photo line-up and he was found guilty based on this evidence. o He was incarcerated in Fulsom State prison, one of the most violent prisons in the United States. o He had to become violent in order to survive. o After he was released, he was positive at first. He even got married, had a daughter, tried to hold a job but couldnt (women claimed they were uncomfortable with working with him). Was eventually divorced by his wife, his daughter didnt claim him o Spends his life playing video games o Never got any compensation. Jack, deputy warden in a prison o Talks about the horrible things that prison wardens end up doing to prisoners. o Feels really guilty now, but in prison, his actions were normal. Neil Miller o Tries really hard but cant get any work. Said hed rather be in jail, because at least he could work o He looked for two years and gave up. Now all he does is play video games in his little sisters house. o Still technically has CORI- Criminal Record Offender Information which isnt automatically expunged. Few people understand what the word exonerated even means. o Most people never receive compensation but it is very difficult to sue the state. Some states have statutes that allow for compensation to the victims, which makes it easier. But only fourteen states do, and this doesnt include Massachusetts, where Neil lives. Ron Williamson
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