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Lecture Note - Feb 23

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University of Toronto St. George
Candace K.

February 23, 2010: Deviance and Control Why the message is putting out there Medicalization of deviance: It refers to the process by which non medical problems become defined and treated as medical problems. Critics of psychiatry were the first to call attention to medicalization, it was referred to as commonly medical social control. Parsonsfamous functional sociologist. conceptualize medicine as a form of social control. Saying it is health issue, using medical language to define a problem. Or using a medical intervention. For example, if talk about drug abusers and addicts, talk about addition (medical issue), Alcoholismbecomes no longer a deviant act but a physical health addiction. Homosexuality: first classified as sociopathology disorder,.now removed from DNS. Hyperactivity: ADHD Why does medicalization occur?? Conrad maintains the medicine has replace religion as the dominant ideology. Infertility came from the gods. In looking at the rise of medicine and the demise of religion, in some sense begs the question of how medicalization came about. Why did medicine went out in this process? Why not religion?? The power of the medical profession cannot be ignored. Professional dominance has given medicine complete control over health and medical problems. Especially true when children have ADHD nownow a learning disability. Allen---part of the reading, he talks about social control, how it is central and a critical concept in sociology. He gives a great overview of the importance of social control and suggests that the prevailing focus on the study of social control is in the role of criminal law. (penal sanctionsbecause punishment is the way we think of responding to acts of deviant, but there are many other ways) He points out: therapy (treatment), compensation, conciliation (negotiation between the two parties). Therapy is the form of social control to return patients to normality. The goal is to change to what may be perceived of as a disorder personality.
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