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27 Jan 2011
Jan 17 SOC203
3 Components of Marxist theory:
2.French socialism
3.English classical economists
oPhilosophical idealist
oDevelopment means overcoming internal contradictions
-Oriental despotism, there was less freedom before
-Condition of blacks as slaves (internal contradiction)
French Socialism
oSaint Simone the only way to avoid defects is to have rational planning of
political economy
oneed authoritarian govt ---elitist govt
oSocial democracy
Classical political economy
oA nationalist discipline
oAdam Smith recognized the defects
oEconomics study of scarcity and how to distribute the resources
oPolitical economy economics wherein politics decide on how to distribute
oRecognized what other didnt (ascetic) - competition
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3 components of marxist theory: hegel, french socialism, english classical economists, hegel, philosophical idealist, development means overcoming internal contradictions. Oriental despotism, there was less freedom before. marx: recognized what other didn"t (ascetic) - competition www. notesolution. com, concentration of capital into fewer hands (corporations). although he claimed himself materialist, he was heavily influenced by philosophical idealists. marx men use products of their imagination cause they"re unhappy here: religion is a manifestation of alienation, theses on feuerbach. the chief defect of all materialism is that they look upon human being as an object, not as an active subject. The creative side of the human mind was discovered by philosophical idealists. british empiricists www. notesolution. com: locke all valid knowledge come from sensory experience. Such as space, time, eternity: berkeley the whole world is just an idea (remained a philosophical idealist, hume smartest of them all.

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