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Lecture 1 - who defines deviance

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Candace K.

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Lecture 1 Who Defines Deviance?
Statistical Approach
Focuses on the occurrence of the act. However, the act may or may not be right.
Ex) If everyone else does it, why cant I do it?
Absolutist Approach
Says that we can decide what is good and what is appropriate.
Behaviour deemed bad for the society is deviant no matter the occurrence of the act.
Necessary and Conditional Approach (Swendingers Approach) ?
Why people need to do something.
Legalistic Approach
Depends on how you view the law.
Many illegal acts are no longer prohibited or sanctioned.
Reactive Approach
Who is reacting and what the content is the reaction.
Focuses on the reaction of the audience.
Advantages: Easy to identify to a particular behaviour.
Problem: Why are people reacting the way they do?
Group Evaluation Approach
Relies on the beliefs and opinions of group members.
Movie Notes Frank Description of Sexual Conduct (Frontline)
Username on popular chat site of Spokane: Cobra82.
Thought that mayor, Jim West, was Cobra82 (gay), but no evidence.
20 year old student gave tip that he went on a date with the mayor and had sex.
Newsgroup created an account, aged 17, to bait cobra82.
Story is about public abuse of office/authority, mayor offered jobs/internships for sex.