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Lecture 4

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Robert Brym

Lecture 4 Socialization 20111005 Slide 1 Victor The Wild Boy of AveryonWhy did he look more animal than humansFound in 1800 at least 4 years raised in isolation Kids In IsolationCannot be raised properlycannot be fully develop without socializationInteraction with other people is essential to growingSocialization is the process of learning culturebecoming aware of yourself as you interact with otherPotential is unleashed by socialization comes from studies 17401950 Spitz o Natural Experiments Observing other people o Compared children raised in orphanageprison nursing homes o Children in Orphanage were taken care by 6 nurseswith 45 kids everyday they hang sheets up to prevent interaction between children o Children in prison nursing home had a change to be taken care by their mother everyday they see other babies playing with mom and nurses got a peak of society o 912 Months orphanages o 23 Years old nursing children walk and talk while only 8 of orphanage children can walk and talk o Children in prison homes at the age of 1 they begin to play with sexual organs o Children in orphanages at age 4either dont play with it or just begun to o Spitz think orphanage home problems contribute to sexual life laterThis experiments show that BIOLOGY sets broad limitspossibilitiesGenes Biologydont determine physical characteristic but certain behaviours patternsaspect of soc BehavioursSociobiologistEvolutionary Psychologist7 Darwins Evolutionary Theory 1 The characteristics of members of each species vary widely 2 Species members with more adaptive characteristics are more likely to survive until reproduction 3 Therefore the species characteristics that endure are those that increase the survival chances of the speciesArgument
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