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Lecture 5

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Robert Brym

SOC101Y1 Network GroupsBureaucracies201110139 of 33 M Polish Jew survivedGypsy Homo Mentally Disabled people were killed How did they kill since they are normal people Sociologist emphasized 3 Factors Why People Conform o Norms of solidarity demand conformity o Structures of authority tend to render people obedientin particular are highly effective structures of authorityo Bureaucracies Preserve the norm of solidarity group of loyalty than consider moralityKilled because they want to maintain group solidarityOrdinary people want to sustain friendship norms Solidarity and letting people downExample Business Corporation Gangs1 Norms of Solidarity Demand Conformity o Why DO people violate norms o Heroism of these Polish Jews are nor correlated with Education level political orientation religious background and attitude towards Jews o These heroes were estranged from mainstream norms brought up to not follow the norms more deviant and act on their morality because they are poorly socializedo Eg Tom Cruises Home Country Glen Ridge Case Scene of a terrible rape case1989 Woman that is mentally challenged was raped by popular football athletes from her schoolThey have been tormenting her since 5 and even though it is a terrible case the society rally in favor of the boys and blamed the womanGuys got light sentenceWhy The boys learned adults values of family Community Value in Glen Ridge Subordination of women Lack of compassion for the weak Due to football team membersTolerance of male misconductOver misdeed rationale action was phrased Boys would be BoysIntense group loyalty Strong clique and team sport enforced itDeviantHero Charles Figuartice Football star black and highly educated but tolerated due to athletic skills he ratted out the group because he is not brought up to the same moral ways as other people 2Structure of Authority tend to render people obedient o Punished if they defy the authoritytherefore they obey o Milgram Experiment
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