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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
Robert Brym

SOCLecture 6 GenderSexualityBeginning Video Barbie Girl Video 1959 created first modern doll modelled after adults 10Million barbies and 20Million clothing 1B for trademarkOne website Barbie was more than a doll to me she was an ideal being living in ideal world and she can live a dream with BarbieBarbieher body image affects her day is between physical hygiene and body image to KenGI JoeTransformer teach male stereotypical Gender Neutral is out as they focus on Sexual objectsvery much debatable whether the way we determine our gender is expressed in biological sex y Sex Refers to anatomical chromosomal and hormonal features that typically make one male or female y Gender Consists of the feelings attitudes and behaviours typically associated with being male or female y Gender Identity is ones sense of belonging to a particular sex biologically psychologically and socially y Adopting a GENDER ROLE involves behaving according to widely shared expectations about how males or females are supposed to act y Evolutionary BiologistArgue men becomes masculine and female become feminine because they want to maximize survival chances o Men Prefer high fertile rate and women prefers stable men o Increase survival rates of specieso Husband be jealous of people that is near or invade their spaces property o Essentialist Arguments biological essence is the root of the reasoningy Slide of Essentialism Stresses the Biological Roots of genderSexuality thus ignoring 1 The Historical and cultural variability of gender and sexuality y Gender differences change over time And depend on circumstances y Gender inequality varies across societies y Between 19702011 women are more assertive and competitive and independent and more anticlerical and play more aggressive sport and choose mathscience courses and they do better at standardized testwomen is changing faster in their role y Picture Winners First Google Science Fair 2011 all girls in first 3 place y What happened since 1970 why Pills to let female allow to control their reproductive systemUniversity and whole system exploded for
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