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Brent Berry

SOC312 JANUARY 18 2012 CHAPTER 1 TOPIC ON DEMORGRAPY QUESTION TITLE WITH MANY ANSWERSCHALLENGES OF CITIES WITH POULALATION AGING OF SOCIETY NUPTIALS MORTALITY CASUSES OF DEATH HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE POPULATION ANYWHEREGrowth rate the dynamic qualitative of pop What is population problems of getting an accurate count size and demographic makeup of Canada Populationcollectively of people coexisting in gropgraphic area at a specific time tempral and spatial populations not stand still dynamic Idea of demographic metabolism burns through people new people arise forces of this are demographic process birth date and immigration leaving and coming in depends where looking at continued renewal parents old die and new ideas continuity in society intergenerational support consistency of culture normative society changesHuman pop page 4 and contimuously achanging attrition is loses through death and emigration succession birth and immigrationChallenges defining population who uyou are counting agreed physical residents vs defacto ones caries day of week seasons what measures do we use for funding money for roads on people only use it only from TorontoCensus important tool for counting challenges of numerating people and undercount of 24 percent census kind of seen as intrusion and debate required or not created some concerns of the count is it representive of the population censusDemography scientific study of poulationa dn affected by births death migration Page 4 3 core areas size and makeup of population according to diverse criteria pictures of pop at fixed moment idea of population at point of time bachelors to single females age 90 above levels of spending for childcare baby boom at area city of Toronto highrise building many tradition homes fewer then 100 years ago less people living in these homesnd2 core understanding different processes that affect population composition look at dynamic forces that change populations shape the composition ofrd3 relationship vs static and dynamic elements and social economic culture environemnts in which they exist includes a lot of things different aspects of environment and interrealtionships and how they effect ebhavioursKeifets demography seen as sociology big tent uses brith and death rates discovers change and predict
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