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Tara Lee

1092012 Crime and Deviance in the Chicago SchoolSOC 358 assignment not due until the fourth weekIn class Midterm 6th classFebruary 13 2012 no multiple choice shortlong essayWhat is the chicago schoolopposes big theoriesImportant concepts1naturalismwe should study people and processes in their natural context straightforward2 names for the chicago school PARKBURGESSon the ground approach you have to go places talk to people experience things see things before coming to any real conclusions on what youre looking at the name behind Urban Ecologythe city was a sociologists laboratorythe concentric zonessocial disorganization different neighbourhoods have different characteristics each represents a different part ie chicago and part of the challenge for sociologists job is to seek what the unique characteristics SHAWdissertation the jack rollera delinquint boys own story a pickpocketthiefthe different processes where the character stanley becomes a jack roller used own story data life historypeople did not take seriously that you can talk to own person get to know everything about them family any personal detailsuse biographies as datafocus on the narrative and biographies and how people change over time colleague MCKAY coming up with the social disorganization theory we shouldnt look at just individuals attributes as predictors to whether or not they will participate but we should look at their surroundings neighbourhoodscrime and deviance are usually clustered in citiespockets of crimecertain youths were growing up in certain neighbourhoods middle class societyhad become routinized ie selling crack is not seen as legit in some neighbourhoods in other neighbourhoods its a means to get by
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