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Lecture 1

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Tara Lee

Lecture 1 Introduction to Crime and DevianceWHAT IS THE CHICAGO SCHOOLThe first Chicago School 1920s1930s was a short hand that some people historian and sociologist used to describe a particular research tradition that was born in the Uni of Chicago and the 1920s1930sRobert Park and Ernest Burgest Robert Park was a journalist before he became a sociologist and be come the godfather of Chicago school 1 They opposed big theories a lot of the classical sociology theory didnt make any sense in the everyday life 2On the ground approach as a journalist he believes that you have to go to places you have to talk to people and see things and ear things from your own eyes and ears before coming to any kind of conclusion Real on the ground approach when it comes to study society 3 Urban ecology studies of the city The city was the sociologist laboratory He developed concentric zones in the city Describing how different neighborhood have different characteristics Each of the zones represents a different part of the city of Chicago The part of the challenge of sociologist was to go out and found unique and share characteristics of each neighborhoodROBERT PARK QUOTE Go and sit in the lounges of luxury hotels and on the doorsteps of flophouses sit on the Gold Coast settees and on the slum shakedowns sit in the Orchestra Hall and in the Star and Garter Burlesque In short go and get the seat of your pants dirty in real research 1927 He states you have to be physically there talking to people seeing things and feeling and experiencing whateverfirst hand knowledge of the world This tradition wasnt really popular at the time It was theoretical a lot of experiments stimulate some version of reality and them withdraw conclusions about reality from the lab and some of them being quantitated surveys questionnaires independent and dependent variablesCLIFFORD SHAW The jackroller thief pickpocket in this study he recruited one particular guy He gets his life history and tries to understand his what later become
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