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Lecture 2

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Tara Lee

What is DEVIANCE BOOK outsiders Becker educated in Chicago school While playing jazz piano in jazz clubs near the university of Chicago Hyde Parkmade some observations on deviance culture in deviance group and marijuana users was his focus in order to get access to that world Contribution to sociological studies Boys in white studies on the career of medical school students one of the theme that comes out in outsiders by looking at the careerby looking at the process that somebody goes throughthe process to get to point a to b how the meaning of being a medical student training to become a doctor evolve across medical school One of the theme they find many medical students come in in first year and idealism is the hope of changing the world They have the idea that they are becoming doctor and t hey will use their medical degree to increase social justice in the world to deliver ethical health plan and have all this romantic ideas why they want to get to med schoolthey found that at the end of the first year a lot of those romantic aspirations have fed it away and students instead merge and consume in the practical day to day activities son getting through medical school idealism being gone away Now focusing on the practical day to day thing things they have to do such as passing a test finding the right study group and so forth By the end as they approach graduation many of these passion Meaning of any kind of activities are never really statics the meanings shift and evolve as a person situation changes Career how thing change over time the process ART WORLDSideas whenever we talk about famous artist famous musician or painter we often create these myths about individual gneous who is remarquable who is genius talent and skills that allows them to rise to fame Becker creates the idea of collective activity He challenges this ides that individual talent instead we should look at other network of relationship that the individual vended in understand how they become Picasso We should look of broader network and relationship and understand how they become Picasso or famous artist In addition to look at the artist work Becker describe we should study the supportive cast of people who surrounds that person or surroundings of those individuals collective activity thats another theme that we see in outsiders when we think about
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