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Lec2Human CapitalThe Matthew Effect Conclusions 18th Century writers like Adam Smith talked about developing workers skills as being like an investment in capital equipment but wrote about it as an aggregate investment20th Century writers write about human capital as an individuals personal asset that can be developed through investment in education or training though also about aggregate benefits of concentrations of the creative classThere are also discussions about social capital cultural capital erotic capital etcDo some kids get more investment in their human capital than othersIntersection between chronological agematurity and socially determined administrative cutoff dates could be important The latter could be changed more entry dates per yearRelative maturity probably also other early advantages generates opportunities for superior training and better quality deliberate practiceMatthew Effect seems to exist in the educational system also in sport Family GenealogiesYour answers for this project will be graded on the degree to which your account of your familys occupational genealogy incorporates sociological concepts especially concepts from this course You will collect information by speaking with family members particularly the older ones Other potential sources of data are as follows Further ideas can be obtained by using a search engine such as Google or Safari with such terms as GENEALOGY and CANADA and FREEIf you had ancestors in Canada in 1901 or 1911 you might find them in the censuses of those years online from Library and Archives Canada A rational model of what causes successRational models say that productive cities or countries get to be richer than less productive countriesLikewise more productive people get higher paying jobs than less productive peoplePeople get to be more productive through practicetraining Sometimes perhaps by inborn talent at mathematics music etc Capital Material Human SocialMaterial Capital tools machinery physical plantHuman Capital what makes more productive use of material capitalSocial Capital what makes more productive use of materialhuman capital Gladwells introductory chapterFurther subgenres includeCultural capital Emotional Intelligence etcHuman CapitalHuman Capital is what makes one person more productive than another Different from physical capital for which standard example is machinery eg a computer or a sewing machine or a latheGiven several people working with the same machinerytools some will be more productive than others or have been trained to be more productiveAdam Smith on Individual Abilities and their Aggregation the acquired and useful abilities of all the inhabitants or members of the society The acquisition of such talents by the maintenance of the acquirer during his education study or apprenticeship always costs a real expense which is a capital fixed and realized as it were in his person Those talents as they make a part of his fortune so do they likewise that of the society to which he belongs The improved dexterity of a workman may be considered in the same light as a machine or instrument of trade which facilitates and abridges labor and which though it costs a certain expense repays that expense with a profitSmith Adam An Inquiry into the Nature And Causes of the Wealth of Nations Book 2Of the Nature Accumulation and Employment of Stock Published 1776 Erotic CapitalSociologists have extended notions ofhuman capital to social capital cultural capital etc Also Erotic capitalPhysical attractiveness is relevant in the entertainment industries but also correlates with success in other areas a Catherine Hakim Honey Money the power of erotic capital Basic Books 2011 bDaniel Hamermash Beauty Pays why attractive people are more successful Princeton UP 2011
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