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Lecture 1 Jan 9th 2012 SOC358H1 Professor Lee

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Tara Lee

What is the Chicago School1920s1930sRobert Park and Ernest Burgess o Opposed big theoriesPark found that a lot of the classical sociological theories didnt make sense in the everyday life Vocal critic with ivory tower sociology said they were only loosely based on empirical observationo on the ground approachPark believed that you had to talk to people see things use empirical observation to come to any conclusion Very skeptical of those who spend their time in the halls of academia An advocate of immersing himself in the social world If youre not there you cant know the world First hand knowledge o Urban ecologyPark believed that the city was the sociologists laboratory ShawMckay developed the Concentric ZoneSocial disorganization theory dont look at individual attributes but look at the characteristics of their surroundings meanings of acts change depending on the surroundings place mattersThe above are not the characteristically Chicago School traits but more what Park and Burgess are known for Clifford ShawWrote The jackroller A delinquent boys own story jackroller is pickpocket
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