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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Jan 23rd 2012 SOC358H1 Professor Lee

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Tara Lee

Changes to first paper 34 pages rather than 5 Double spaced 1 inch margins 12 point fontMoral CareersCareer in everyday talk is different from what we mean sociologicallydifferent steps that a person goes through to become whatever heshe has become Career is a broad and general word for any kind of social process in a persons lifeEverett Hughesteacher of becker and goffman pioneer in developing the concept and often referred to it as moving perspective on a persons life Erving GoffmanSymbolic interactionist trained in Chicago Enigmatic sociologist didnt like publicity Very secretive Method of study of trickery wouldnt tell people he was studying themHe treated what people said to him with skepticism he said that you should never believe people because they present an idealistic image of themselvesto fix this should hang out in groups of more than 3 as people cannot lie as easily Wrote The presentation of self in everyday lifenuances of facetoface interaction how people act to portray themselves to others how friends and family help each other save face in social situations and stigma things that change peoples perspectives when revealed stigma of the person changes the person in the eyes of others Asylums The Moral Career of the Mental Patient What is a careerMoving perspective on a persons life Any social strand of any persons course through life Goffman 127Dynamic view of the individualdynamic view comes from the longitudinal study of the individual the processes that changes them in timeTwosidedness o Internal personal image of self and felt identityclosest to identity what you feel yourself as An internal monologue of who you think yourself is o External official position social relations institutional roles official statusesroles that you embody as you move through lifeCareer is a concept that is designed to change over time Hoop Dreams documentary about two black boys in pursuit of goals of playing in the NBA Shows how careers of these boys changed over time documentarians followed them around for 4 yearsCareers are not unidirectional it does not go from morally wrong to legitimate 100 percent of the time Example of Regent Park given in classCareer is one of the great concepts of the Chicago school forces us to think of anything as a part of the larger process of change Profs view
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